EasyFind (App Store)

EasyFind is a free mac application that helps you find files and folders on your Mac hard drive. And it is to be said that better than Spotlight. On the left-hand side of the mac window are criteria for searching: Files and Folders, Only Files, Only Folders, or File Contents. Next choose to search for All Words, Any Word, a Phrase, or Unix-Wildcards. Users can  specify whether or not the search should be case sensitive or include invisible files and folders.

You can also set the scope of the search to be a specific volume/disk, or a specific folder such as your Home folder. 99% of my searches are for things I know are “somewhere” in my Home, or “somewhere” in my Dropbox. Spotlight only lets you choose “current folder” or “everything” which is almost never what I want.

That’s far more control and options than what Spotlight gives you, but what I really love is what you get in the results of  search. Of course you get the file name and you can expand that column to make it wider, I just made it narrow in the screenshot above, but also can get the creation date, the modification date, the size, the kind and location. If you don’t want any of those columns, you can turn them off. If you want to change the order of those columns, or if you want to sort your results by any of those columns, you can do that too via EasyFind.


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