DockArt for iTunes

DockArt for iTunes is a plugin for iTunes that will replace the Dock’s iTunes icon with the album artwork of whatever song happens to be playing at the moment. Incoming search terms:dockart mountain lion

Lion Designer

Lion Designer is a mac freeware allows users to customize the skins on your OS X Lion. Mac user can change the background on the dashboard, mission control. You can change folder icons and backgrounds of the launchpad.

Growl for Mac

Growl for Mac is a very robust notification system for your Mac. It works with a ton of applications. Of course, notifications are good for you to keep up with what your system is doing without having to switch between applications. It is impossible to review all the features of Growl. Perhaps some readers can [...]

Icon Generator Pro

Icon Generator Pro is lets you pick the background color as well as the back color, but also to select an image, to type characters and to save the results. In short, with Icon Generator Pro you can simply create icons in six different sizes.