Icon Generator Pro

Icon Generator Pro is lets you pick the background color as well as the back color, but also to select an image, to type characters and to save the results. In short, with Icon Generator Pro you can simply create icons in six different sizes.


ResizeIt is a easy to use image tool which allows you to resize multiple images simultaneously. You can also convert images files with this tool very well.


SketchBook is a fun, and well designed drawing program for the Mac. It offers a streamlined UI, and the gestured based menus provide fast access to drawing tools.


Inkscape is a vector graphics editing program, a free and open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. (If you want an alternative to Photoshop, try GIMP or Seashore.) Incoming search terms:inkscape mac lioninkscape lioninkscape for lioninkscape for mac lioninkscape on lioninkscape lion macinkscape mac os x lionmac lion inkscapeinkscape lion downloadinkscape download mac lion


Seashore is a free and open source graphics program. You can choose from the pencil, brush, eraser, or paint bucket to create your masterpiece. My favorite tool is the “smudge” tool, which gives the effect of running your finger across wet paint. Incoming search terms:seashore lionseashore mac lionseashore for mac lionseashore for lionseashore on lionseashore [...]