Paragon Virtualization Manager

Paragon Virtualization Manager is a virtual environments using a Mac tend to be for running alternative os’s like Windows or Linux. In most cases this is to jog software that simply won’t work under OS X no matter what hard you are attempting to persuade it.

Sometimes, however, it’s desirable running a Mac inside of a Mac, that’s where free Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac OS X comes into play. This can be handy for testing new software within an isolated environment avoiding damaging your Mac or you’ll prefer to clone your digestive system to the removable disk for backup purposes.

When your Mac gets damaged or stolen, you might like to quickly boot up its clone in the virtual environment like VMware, Parallels or VirtualBox. The one limitation is the virtual Mac ought to run using a Mac host. You can’t copy your machine and then run it inside Windows.

Picking a copy of this method is pretty easy. Just download and install Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac OS X and then set it going. Choose the hard disk drive volume made up of your Mac OS X installation and then discover the virtual environment you want to run it in. It’s also possible to favor to break your image into 2GB chunks.

Select the drive you would like to create the image on and then click Continue. While not having to reboot, this software takes a perfect copy of this disk and converts it into your relevant virtual disk image. Now you can move it to a different machine and build a virtual computer using VMware, Parallels or VirtualBox, depending on style of image you created.

There’s no limit for the variety of images you are able to take, so you are able to use this as a sort of save, effectively building a full copy of your respective Mac every time it’s run. Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac OS X is usually a freeware download for Macs running OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.