Liquid mac requires a Macintosh laptop computer with a sudden motion enabled sensor. This includes the new MacBook family, MacBook Pro family, and some of the latest PowerBooks.  It mimics the behavior of liquid by creating a particle system that reacts to the computer’s orientation. Read the rest of this entry »


This simple card game is stylized heavily with McSolitaire. The card graphics look good, and the backgrounds provide a soothing aesthetic. All of the features known to come with Solitaire on the PC can be found in this version. Read the rest of this entry »

iPad2 Review

In the center of the iPad 2 is a 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor, that ought to offer a boost above the 1GHz single-core Apple A4 in the first iPad. Apple says the A5 is two times faster as opposed to previous processor, while graphics performance is nine times faster–welcome news for everything from games to video-editing apps like the soon-to-be-released iPad-optimized version of iMovie. Read the rest of this entry »

iStat Nano

An advanced system monitor in a tiny package. iStat nano is a stunning system monitor widget with beautifly animated menus and transitions.

View detailed stats about CPU usage, memory usage, hard drive space, bandwidth usage, temperatures, fan speeds, battery usage, uptime and the top 5 processes. Read the rest of this entry »


An Apple Design Award Winning scientific calculator with an easy-to-use interface for doing calculations with equations and variables.

In addition to the keypad, it also features an equation history view, which is activated by clicking on the the button next to the info button in the bottom bar. The equation history view gives one-click access to everything in the current session, including all equations and their associated results, and all variables. You can clear the session by pressing clear on your keyboard twice fast (shift+delete for notebook users), or double clicking the clear button on the calculator. Read the rest of this entry »