Open Office

OpenOffice is a full-featured, office suite compatible with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Plus it’s 100% free and open source. Friends don’t let friends pay for Microsoft Office. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Converter

Media Converter comes with presets to convert to popular video and audio formats. These presets can be fine-tuned in the Preferences. You also can create your own presets in the Preferences. Send them to us to share them with the world. Some files aren’t supported by ffmpeg, but can be decoded with QuickTime┬«. Media Converter uses movtowav and movtoy4m to decode them. Read the rest of this entry »


Do you have way too many items on your desktop? Do you hate cleaning up that mess? Camouflage is the right utility for you. It hides all the icons and leaves nothing but the pure wallpaper. Read the rest of this entry »


Ambientweet is a minimalist twitter client, and it is intended to just be left running in the background, as a way of watching your twitter stream pass by. Ambientweet shows just one tweet at a time. This is a deliberate design decision, which allows for a minimal user interface. Read the rest of this entry »

Windows 7 Phone Connector

For those who own a Mac and Windows 7 phone, you can try this freeware apps. You can now connect your Windows Phone to your mac, and transfer files. Sync a wide assortment media files, and you can also preview media on your phone within a mac machine. Read the rest of this entry »