Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – Mail 5

Apple hopes to give Mac fans “a whole new way to look at email from their latest Mac OS X Lion” OS X Lion includes Mail 5, the latest version of Apple’s intuitive, streamlined Mail client which now includes iOS elements.

A clear testament of Apple’s ongoing efforts to merge the best-of-breed features from Mac OS X and iOS, Mail 5 boasts a redesigned interface, allowing users to see both their inbox and a large preview of any selected message with great detail (pictures available to the left).
“Just like Mail on iPad, Mail 5 in Mac OS X Lion features a new layout that takes advantage of the widescreen display on your Mac,” Apple explains on the Mac OS X Lion marketing page.

The company elaborates, “You see the messages in your inbox as well as a full-height preview of the selected message. The new Mailbox bar gives you one-click access to your favorite folders.”According to Apple, the app’s ability to locate content based on the user’s queries has been improved as well.

Mail 5 also includes a powerful new way to search that makes finding what you’re looking for quick and easy, even in the largest of inboxes,” the tech giant says.

A flagship new feature in Mail 5, ‘Conversations’ allows users to view and manage emails from the same conversation.

Described by Apple as “a natural new way to read and manage email,” Conversations “automatically groups messages from the same conversation — even if the subject changes along the way,” the description reads.

In order to reveal a feed of individual messages in chronological order, as well as to easily file or delete an entire conversation, users can begin by simply clicking a conversation in their inbox.

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