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Football Widget

If you are a football fans, there is a suitable widget for you.  This dashboard widget lets you easily keep up with your favorite football team (college or pro).  Not only does it give you all of the current scores, you can also check past games.  It also shows you divisional and conference standings.  This [...]

iStat Pro

iStat Pro is a highly configurable widget that lets you monitor every aspect of your Mac, including CPU, memory, disks, network, battery, temperatures, fans, load & uptime and processes. iStat Pro can do it all and it is free downloadable for Mac users. And for sure donation is encouraged. Incoming search terms:istat pro lionistat widget [...]


BatteryLevel is a Dashboard widget which displays the battery levels of your wireless Apple input devices.

Mac Help Widget

Mac Help Widget uses CHAT (ichat, adium, etc) or EMAIL (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, etc) to get instant answers to your Macintosh machine questions and price quotes on Macintosh hardware and software. Incoming search terms:best mac widgets 2011widgets mac 2011mac widgets 2011best widgets for mac 2011

iStat Nano

An advanced system monitor in a tiny package. iStat nano is a stunning system monitor widget with beautifly animated menus and transitions. View detailed stats about CPU usage, memory usage, hard drive space, bandwidth usage, temperatures, fan speeds, battery usage, uptime and the top 5 processes. Incoming search terms:istat nano lionistat lion