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DockArt for iTunes

DockArt for iTunes is a plugin for iTunes that will replace the Dock’s iTunes icon with the album artwork of whatever song happens to be playing at the moment. Incoming search terms:dockart mountain lion

GrowlMail Plug-In for Mail

GrowlMail Plug-In for Mail is a freeware for your Apple Mail client. It’s a plugin that posts a Growl notification, when there is a new mail arrives in your mailbox. The notification contains the text of the message. This is a worth download for those who looking for more convenience out of the mail client on their Mac. [...]

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

Lots of my friends have Facebook accounts, so it’s an incredible place to stay informed about what they’re doing in order to see their photos. While it features a excellent interface for uploading pictures, this plugin make it’s easier still. Incoming search terms:facebook exporter for iphotofacebook exporter for iphoto lioniphoto facebook lion


Textmate is a popular and powerful text editor (not free) for which you can download a variety of plugins. Blogmate  is a freeware among the most functional of these plugins for blogging, allowing you to write and edit blog posts from within Textmate. It’s tested to work with WordPress blogs, but should work with any [...]

Adobe Shockwave Player

Almost all over Internet-enabled desktops have installed this Adobe Shockwave Player. These people now have access to some of the best the Web has to offer – including dazzling 3D games and entertainment, interactive product demonstrations, and online learning applications. Shockwave Player displays Web content that has been created by Adobe Director. And also this [...]