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Web Remote

Web Remote lets you control online video and music websites with your Apple Remote. Open one of the sites above in Safari and use your Apple Remote to control playback, play/pause/seek/skip, adjust the volume or browse videos and songs. And this application is free to download.


LinkChecker is a free apps, GPL licensed URL validator. Output in colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV, XML or a sitemap graph in different formats. Worth to try since it’s free anyway. Incoming search terms:Lion CheckerLionChecker

Gmail On Rocket

Gmail on Rocket is not just another Gmail notifier but the only tool what counts exact number of new emails  received and provide full support of Gmail labels and features. Google Apps accounts are supported too on this apps. This apps worth to try for Gmail user.


FlashFrozen is an app which has the potential to completely stop Flash processes, including plug-ins on your browser. If you’re having problems with your Mac locking up due to Flash problem, this is a program worth to try.

Opera 11

The Carakan JavaScript engine has been further enhanced to run Opera browser more quickly than ever. This makes Opera 11 the fastest browser on Earth in many performance tests. Even complex webpages load and run with lightning speed on this browser. Opera 11 supports new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Web Sockets and server-sent events [...]