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iBook Author for Mac

iBooks Author for Mac is a mac freeware for those who  desired to announcement an iBook but didn’t have a application to do so. iBooks Author allows you to create iBooks, by adding schoolbook, pictures, all to your specifications. You can countenance photo gallery, movies, and many more. After you’re done editing the iBooks, you [...]

Angry Bots for Mac (App Store)

Angry Bots for Mac (App Store) is a Mac games that pits you against an overwhelming sign of robots. Who are wrothful. The gritty requires quick reflexes, and a piping total of truth. As you motion finished the strategy, you unlock entrepreneur which takes you further into the undertaking. See review now at TopMacFreeware.

FaceButler for Mac (App Store)

FaceButler for Mac is freeware for mac for those who wants to develop apps and tools for Facebook, and utilize its API. FaceButler provides the means to execute and test FQL, by any means to special syntax tools, and support for multi-queries. FaceButler for Mac also allows user to test  FQL against Facebook’s API.

iText Express for Mac

iText Express is a freeware for mac which is word processor for an intuitive twist on the long running program type. This simple edit allows for cool design choices, and allows for simple writing. With the editor you can keep it simple and sleek at the same time. iText Express for Mac can be download [...]

Launcher (App Store)

Launcher (App Store) is a mac freeware for those who are always looking for quicker and efficient ways to use their Macs. Launcher allows users to access programs by simply searching for the name and then be provided a list of apps to open.